Doll's Beanie

I cast on 88 sts, planning to make a sock. I was going by the instructions that came with my Addi Crazy Trios. The wool is a special sock wool from Germany, 75% wool, 25% nylon. Here’s the beginning: The pattern is one I had used for a purple pair of socks in DK wool. The pattern seemed to disappear in the finer, darker wool.

American Girl Doll Shoes

08-10-20183.5mm needle seems right. 3.0mm worked out a bit small.

Baby Blue Doll Socks

I cast on 34 sts and did K2P2 rib, with one K4 thrown in for the centre back of the sock, then reduced to K3 centre back after 1 inch, and then K2 for half an inch. It’s an acrylic baby yarn, soft and lasts forever. I can’t remember when I cast on, but vaguely uneasy about adapting the pattern, but it’s worked out alright. Not my favourite, but passable. The cuff sat in a box for many months - I was very happy to find it again, as they are my favourite dpns.

Little navy blue dress

Followed the patter recommendation to follow the pattern first, then make variations later. I learned that AG mini dolls are very small - only 6” tall. The little doll I was aiming to clothe was a bit bigger than that. I was very pleased with how it turned out. The pattern said it was a bit light on details and relied on the knitter to fill in. The bit I changed was the number of buttonholes.

Top and shorts

This time used a thin springy yarn - might be nylon?

Mermaid tail

There are some different colour changes, and I made the fins a little smaller, but otherwise followed the pattern. The yarn I used was a bit thick for the needles and the gauge, and being cotton seems to stretch out of shape easily.

Barbie Jacket

The photo in the pattern showed a 3st garter stitch cuff on the sleeves, but this wasn’t included in the pattern, but it was easy enough to add it in. I haven’t blocked the jacket yet - it would be good to have done that before sewing up, but it’s only a barbie jacket.

Little Kina

16-12-2015It wasn’t a great fit for this particular doll. It sort of needs a smaller neckline but larger body. Maybe casting on 38 sts and making the body more A-line or lacey? It was a great way to use up scraps of yarn

teddy bear socks

cast on 16 sts in the round K1P1 rib for 6-7 rounds divide fir heel 4 rows: sl 1 K to end, sl1 P to end turn heel sl1, K4, k2tog, turn sl1, K2, k2tog, turn sl1 K to end, start picking up 3 instep stitches, plus a stitch next to the next needle keep k1p1 rib going for the top of the foot decrease every 2nd round as usual Plain stocking stitch for the toe, decrease at 4 points every 2nd round until 8 sts, then weave stitches together.