Baby Blue Doll Socks

Date started: Sun 22 Jul 2018

Date completed: Fri 10 Aug 2018

Pattern Name: American Girl Socks

Needle Size (mm): 2

Tags: doll clothes socks

I cast on 34 sts and did K2P2 rib, with one K4 thrown in for the centre back of the sock, then reduced to K3 centre back after 1 inch, and then K2 for half an inch.

It’s an acrylic baby yarn, soft and lasts forever.

I can’t remember when I cast on, but vaguely uneasy about adapting the pattern, but it’s worked out alright. Not my favourite, but passable. The cuff sat in a box for many months - I was very happy to find it again, as they are my favourite dpns.

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