Green Lattice Socks

Using my Crazy Trio sock needles, and I started off fudging the cables, but ended up using a cable needle. 64 sts around. The trellis pattern is Basic Lattice from Knitting Fool

Rainbow Socks

I cast on 60sts for these socks. The rainbow is sock wool Jawoll Twin, Lang Yarns (75% wool, 25% nylon). The green is an old Paton’s Azalea, 100% Pure New Wool, Patonised for maximum resistance to shrinkage and pilling. And here’s the lace pattern: I gleaned it from Traditional Knitting Patterns by James Gibb, page 110. It was in the German section. I used my Addi Crazy Trios. I still have to measure them so I can say what size they are.

Bargain Socks

Bendigo Woollen Mills had some cheap acrylic self striping yarn when we visited. It was a tough decision. Buy one ball of something really nice, or four balls of self striping cheap stuff. They had three colourways: magenta-orange-green-blue, yellow-orange-pink-grey purple-pink There was a break in the yarn on the second sock which mucked up the stripes. The stripes matched up much better with the yellow yarn.

Purple Lace Socks

Trying to figure out what sized needles I used. I think I used 3.75mm for the cuffs and then 4mm for the rest of the sock. I used 48sts and this lace pattern: Here’s the beginning:

Baby Blue Doll Socks

I cast on 34 sts and did K2P2 rib, with one K4 thrown in for the centre back of the sock, then reduced to K3 centre back after 1 inch, and then K2 for half an inch. It’s an acrylic baby yarn, soft and lasts forever. I can’t remember when I cast on, but vaguely uneasy about adapting the pattern, but it’s worked out alright. Not my favourite, but passable. The cuff sat in a box for many months - I was very happy to find it again, as they are my favourite dpns.

RGB sock

It’s cold so my thoughts turn sockwards. Use up odd acrylic yarn and make some comfy foot warmers. Maybe with the stripes I’ll have enough to make two socks that almost match. Update July 2021: I finally made the matching sock! Cast on 40sts. K1P1 rib for about 12 rounds in green. K3P1 rib for 2 rounds each in blue, red then green for a total of 3 colour cycles.

teddy bear socks

cast on 16 sts in the round K1P1 rib for 6-7 rounds divide fir heel 4 rows: sl 1 K to end, sl1 P to end turn heel sl1, K4, k2tog, turn sl1, K2, k2tog, turn sl1 K to end, start picking up 3 instep stitches, plus a stitch next to the next needle keep k1p1 rib going for the top of the foot decrease every 2nd round as usual Plain stocking stitch for the toe, decrease at 4 points every 2nd round until 8 sts, then weave stitches together.

Red Improv Socks

Almost finished these socks, but can’t remember when I started them. I have been knitting them for a while, thinking I had a sock pattern in the knitting bag if I needed to refer to it, but now I actually read the pattern, it is totally different. I’m knitting top down and the pattern is for a universal toe up sock from Knitty. I did muck up the pattern earlier - decreasing too much at the instep for the first sock, which made it too tight for me, so made a short foot so it would fit son #3.

Tall Variegated Socks

Of course now I realise maybe the soft patonyle would have been better for the main part with the slightly thicker magic stripes for the parts needing reinforcing, but you just go with it and see how it goes. Its only socks after all. And now they’re finished, sure enough the patonyle feels kinda thin compared to the magic stripe, but they’re my socks and I can wear them. They still fall down though.