Little navy blue dress

Date started: Sun 26 Nov 2017

Date completed: Sat 25 Nov 2017

Pattern Name: Mini Doll Sock Yarn Dress

Needle Size (mm): 2.25 3.25

Tags: doll clothes

Followed the patter recommendation to follow the pattern first, then make variations later.

I learned that AG mini dolls are very small - only 6” tall. The little doll I was aiming to clothe was a bit bigger than that.

I was very pleased with how it turned out. The pattern said it was a bit light on details and relied on the knitter to fill in. The bit I changed was the number of buttonholes. The pattern calls for 2 (BH1 and BH2) but I read it as BH1 (make one buttonhole) every second row as you repeat that row, then I was a bit stumped at BH2 - make 2 buttonholes?

Anyway, I’ll put up my second time around dress separately.

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