Rainbow Ganomy

As a break from sock knitting, I used up some balls of merino wool superwash (8ply) in this Ganomy Hat. The balls were leftovers from my mother - less than a whole ball of each colour. I’ve always found it a bit of a gamble as to how many stitches to cast on. The shaping kinda eats up the width. This was with 100sts and fit a four year old.

Doll's Beanie

I cast on 88 sts, planning to make a sock. I was going by the instructions that came with my Addi Crazy Trios. The wool is a special sock wool from Germany, 75% wool, 25% nylon. Here’s the beginning: The pattern is one I had used for a purple pair of socks in DK wool. The pattern seemed to disappear in the finer, darker wool.

Trav's Balaclava

I was running out of yarn and couldn’t find something to match, so ended up decreasing and turning it into a mundane beanie.

Schmooth Red Ganomy Hat

This is actually take two. The first attempt was enormous and I ran out of yarn before getting to the point. Frogged and restarted smaller. Which turned out quite small. But that’s where having small people around can be handy. This time I did the decreases at the halfway points and no increases. When I got down to 4 sts I continued with i-cord.