Parasaurolophus Mark II

The old Parasaurolophus hat has gone missing so the cold weather prompted a replacement. The dark blue wool is a superwash crepe wool which tends to flop, so it seems less parasaurolophish than the old hat which was probably all acrylic. Keeps your ears warm. I followed the directions for this one - 4sts/inch. It looks comfortably big on the boys and snug on the grown-ups. The little bobble on the end is cute - but the colour scheme on this one seems so sensible.

Parasaurolophus hat

I used a mystery yarn - probably acrylic - hoping to get the hang of it to make another better one in the future, but now I’ve lost my copy of Knitter’s Almanac so on to other things. Dear son loves it as it looks like the crest of one of his favourite dinosaurs.