Parasaurolophus Mark II

Date started: Thu 24 Jul 2008

Date completed: Tue 1 Jan 2008

Pattern Name: Ganomy Hat (June) WG08 SO9

Needle Size (mm): 5.5

Tags: dinosaur ez ganomy hat pointy

The old Parasaurolophus hat has gone missing so the cold weather prompted a replacement. The dark blue wool is a superwash crepe wool which tends to flop, so it seems less parasaurolophish than the old hat which was probably all acrylic. Keeps your ears warm. I followed the directions for this one - 4sts/inch. It looks comfortably big on the boys and snug on the grown-ups. The little bobble on the end is cute - but the colour scheme on this one seems so sensible.

The red ganomy is much the same except thicker wool and adjusting pattern to keep the size roughly the same. Its about 3sts/inch so only cast on 3/4 the sts. Its not so stretchy and the stitches threatened to jump the needles as they didn’t squash up so much. Its a mohair blend so very cute and fuzzy.

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