Bunny Boy

I chain stitched the “B” - or slip-stitch as I used a hook. Also added a chin strap as per request of Bunny Boy. Also extended the back of the helmet as far as the supply of blue yarn would allow. Nice and stretchy - it fits just about everyone from 4 to 14 years. Many requests to make more.

64 ohm resistor

Kinda raced with the beginning. Read “4sts” and i-cord and kept going. So its sort of half the size. Also stuffed with yarn ends rather than stuffing. Colours blue, yellow, black and gold which hopefully makes a 64 ohm resistor for my Dad’s 64th birthday. Yay.

Mr Pythagoras

Lots of garter stitch, but the sideways knitting keeps it interesting. The head worked out too small - the instructions say to knit as tight as possible so I used needles 3 sizes smaller than the main body. Next time I’ll just go 2 sizes down.