Little Blue Star

A smaller doily, with no photo, yet. Using thin blue fluffy stuff, believed to be wool. In my impatience I missed a few plain rows in the beginning, so might be supposed to be a bit fuller in the middle. Also crochet cast off with 4, 3, 4, 3 loops rather than the patterns 4, 3, 4, 4 loops. Probably a typo there.

Claret oval doily

Here’s a mystery knit - no pictures, only a diagram to go from. The idea is to have something to make an oval mantilla to wear on my head for Mass. It looks like it will be too small - but that’s okay, it will be quicker to knit that way. Finding weird things with the pattern as I go. It has you pick up stitches after row 96, but it makes more sense to finish on a K row 97 and pick up the right way round.

My First Doily

I have tried a two needle doily before, but this is my first doily done in the round. Mercerised cotton cone - plenty of it to experiment with. Instead of the prescribed crochet cast off I’m doing a sideways knitted border called Neat Trim that I jotted down from some library book.