bright rolled brim hat

Cable cast on 77 sts on a small circular needle. Knit Run out of yarn, change colour and knit some more. Repeat last step as you like. (K9, K2 tog) to end K next round (K8, K2 tog) to end K next round (K7, K2 tog) you get the idea? You need to change to double points, or do the magic loop thing along the way… until you get down to K2 tog to end, then break and gather up stitches tightly, weave in loose ends.

Super Quick Baby Bonnet

All the way through knitting I was sure it was going to be too big, but I persisted. She’ll grow into it. And then I put it on her head and it’s fine! Elizabeth is nearly 2 months old here. I began the crown shaping at 4” instead of the 4.5” from the pattern. The other difference is the yarn is a little thinner than the pattern, but I wanted a lacier bonnet.

Last minute Winter Magic fodder

Mystery ball of yarn, cast on till the circular needle is covered, knit till it looks fair enough, decrease at 8 points every second round or so, a couple of rows i-cord on 4 sts, and VOILA a very cute hat!