ProToe up socks

Date started: Thu 10 Feb 2011

Pattern Name: Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula


The right sock followed the formula. The left sock made a sort of gusset for the heel. They both work. Also used a sideways garter stitch cast off as the only stretchy one I could get my brain around at the time.

Just reading Tertullian’s On Women’s Apparel and this bit jumped out:

It had escaped Him, when He was bidding the universe to come into being, to issue a command for (the production of) purple and scarlet sheep!

Well, long ago I bought some pure wool scarlet socks - yes, vanity and all that - but I lost them, so seeing this wool only 50c a ball I bought it and made socks. And now, just like a second Eve I’ve made socks from what’s left for my son - my husband would never wear scarlet socks.

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