Rose Of China

Date started: Fri 23 Nov 2012

Date completed: Wed 28 Nov 2012

Pattern Name: Rose Of China

Needle Size (mm): 4

Tags: five hat petal rose tudor

Looking for a pattern with a five petalled rose. Also pining for a hat I knitted and can’t find anymore - happens a lot around here.

We dropped by Bendigo Woollen Mills on the way to the Christus rex Pilgrimage and bought lots of bits from the remnants baskets. I have about 137g of Russet Rustic 8ply (I think). Hopefully it will cover most of the hat. There’s also some green in case I run out.

My head is big and my yarn is a bit thicker than the design calls for, but I swatched and calculated and multiplied things by 8/9 and I think I can pull this off.

It turned out bigger than expected, but after a wash it will probably do well. I like the subtle flower pattern. And it does well as a balaclava for my youngsters - the model in the green shirt says he can see through it okay.

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